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Welcome to Open Doors Switzerland!

OPEN DOORS is serving persecuted Christians worldwide in more than 40 countries. We:
- Strengthen the body of Christ under restriction and persecution.
- Prepare the believers to face coming persecutions.
- Motivate the Church in the free world to assist persecuted Christians.     more...

World Watch List - January 2010

The World Watch List is a list of 50 countries ranked according to the degree of persecution of Christians is now available.
World Watch List

Project of the month: «China: No more hiding, let's reach out to the universities»

- Training centers for young adults (with cafeteria, operational since 2008): training of youth leaders, furthering training courses in business economy, meeting place
- Distribution of 120'000 youth bibles (N.T.) in magazine size: «A lively Bible, adapted to young people's living-conditions.» (CHF 5.-/bible)
- Beginning of production of The Old Testament and a youth song book Moreover, we are planning to distribute again some 500'000 Bible study brochures and Christian books among the youth.


Latest news

 India    Recent Incidents of Persecution | 30.11.2010
Punjab, November 30 (Compass Direct News) – Hindu extremists on Nov. 14 beat a Christian in Moti Nagar, Ludhiana, threatening to harm him and his family if they attended Sunday worship. A source told Compass that a Hindu identified only as Munna had argued with a Christian identified only as...  More

 Vietnam    Two Evangelists Sentenced to Prison | 30.11.2010
November 30 (Compass Direct News) – Two Christian evangelists, Ksor Y Du, 47, and Kpa Y Co, 30,...  More

 Ethiopia    Christian Accused of Defacing Quran Imprisoned | 29.11.2010
November 29 (Compass Direct News) – A Christian in Ethiopia’s southern town of Moyale who languished in jail...  More

 Egypt    Muslim Mob Firebombs Christian Homes, Businesses | 29.11.2010
November 29 (Compass Direct News) – Christians in a small village in southern Egypt are rebuilding their lives...  More

 Tanzania    Two Church Buildings Torn Down in Zanzibar | 25.11.2010
November 25 (Compass Direct News) – Radical Islamists are suspected in the demolition of two church buildings on...  More

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